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STD testing & treatment

STDs (=sexually transmitted diseases) are often deceptive, as you may have no symptoms or mild symptoms that pass unnoticed. They can have serious consequences for carriers or their partners if left untreated. Hence the need for periodical STD screening even if you do not suspect having one.
HPV (=human papilloma virus) infection, the most common STD, causes genital warts and cervical cancer in women. HPV DNA tests are helpful to confirm diagonosis, but not suitable for screening. Effective topical treatment makes growths disappear whereas the carbon dioxide laser is used as an adjunct to remove them directly.
For genital herpes, a lifelong condition caused by HSV (=herpes simplex virus), serological testing (measurement of specific antibodies in the blood) is performed on a request basis.

Medications are available to treat outbreaks and prevent recurrences.
Urethritis in men and vaginitis in women may be STDs (gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Trichomonas), occasionally sexually transmitted infections (Candida, Gardnerella) or non-STDs. All of them are treated in our clinic, often after obtaining a swab for culture.
Treatment will be offered for asymptomatic gonorrhea and chlamydial infections found by screening. For HIV, hepatitis B and syphilis, requiring a longterm follow-up, a consultation with an internist will be recommended.