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dermatology & skin surgery

You can consult us about all kinds of skin problems, from pimples and rashes to suspicious growths and spots. We are specialized in acne management, offering a wide range of treatment options. Eczema and other chronic skin disorders are typically induced or aggravated by stress due to environmental changes. Our familiarity with adaptation difficulties facing newcomers allows us to help them get through stressful periods. Skin cancer concerns prevail especially among people with fair skin from sunny parts of the world (like Down Under and the West Coast). Our surgical skills enable us to perform biopsies with superior cosmetic results. We also provide treatments for conditions involving skin appendages (nails, hair, etc.)

Common skin disorders encountered in our clinic include:
- acne
- rosacea
- eczema or dermatitis
- fungal infections of the skin and nails
- bacterial infections, e.g. cellulitis and impetigo
- psoriasis
- benign skin tumors and basal cell carcinoma
- actinic keratosis
- abnormal pigmentation including vitiligo
- alopecia (hair loss)
- hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating)
- xerosis (dry skin).

We do not treat melanoma and invasive skin cancers. Specialized centers or academic hospitals are appropriate for rare skin diseases requiring special diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.