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in-office procedures

We offer a selection of procedures with favorable risk-benefit profiles for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. They are all performed in the office after adequate consultation and careful planning. With every procedure we seek to obtain satisfactory results within a reasonable time frame, with emphasis on aesthetic outcome where relevant.

Cold steel surgery remains to be the recommended method for complete removal and optimal pathological examination of skin tumors (excisional biopsy), e.g. suspicious moles and other growths suspected for non-melanoma skin cancer.
Carbon dioxide laser surgery is a sophiscated method to remove small skin tumors, especially superficially located types like seborrheic keratosis, with less risk for unsightly scarring. A punch or shave biopsy can be combined prior to or during the procedure to rule out malignancy. Carbon dioxide laser resurfacing treats precancerous conditions such as actinic keratosis and improves skin discolorations and surface irregularities.
Chemical peels can provide a cure for intractable acne and xerosis (pathological dry skin). It also serves as an adjuvant to topical treatment of photoaged skin with an increased risk of skin cancer.
Nd:YAG laser and sclerotherapy are available for treating broken vessels as in rosacea and varicose veins.

Alexandrite laser is a color-selective laser for improving photodamaged skin with multiple solar lentigines (sun spots) and other forms of hyperpigmentation.
* Hair removal with the Nd:YAG laser and alexandrite laser, both highly effective for permanent hair reduction, is performed in our clinic by doctors only for treatment of medical conditions like pseudofolliculitis barbae (razor bumps) caused by ingrown hair.
Manual liposuction is a less-invasive method to remove a lipoma via a minimal incision. Cytological examination of aspirated material can provide a definitive diagnosis.
Expression via microincision of a sebaceous cyst or an atheroma often makes surgery redundant if performed properly in the medical setting.
Subcision is a technique to flatten skin depressions, like severe pitted acne or chicken pox scars on the face, by removing adhesion of the skin surface to deeper tissue using hypodermic needles.
Botox and fillers (mainly hyaluronic acid) are injections to attenuate signs of premature aging, a medical issue facing the graying society with a growing number of patients with chronic illness.
Intralesional injection therapy markedly increases pharmacological efficacy by means of an injection of an active drug into the affected skin area (lesion) in treating warts, keloids, etc.