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Tokyo Skin Clinic is run by two multilingual doctors, both fully licensed in the EU and Japan. Its international clientele comes from all over the world, mainly from Europe and English-speaking countries. It was originally a specialty clinic for cosmetic dermatology and surgery, the first of its kind in Japan. It now focuses on dermatology and venereology for expatriates to accommodate their specific needs, as well as on skin surgery with emphasis on aesthetics. Extensive lab tests for diagnostic and screening purposes are available through a close relation with Japan’s leading laboratory. The clinic also offers therapeutic technology such as lasers.

Solution-focused professional help is provided through in-depth consultations without time pressure, free from the constraints of Japanese public health insurances. Privacy is well-guarded in a practice setting where a selected number of patients receive personalized care. In addition, the clinic offers services that enhance the convenience of our typically busy, often constantly traveling patients, such as in-house dispensing of medications and nonprescription skin care products, easy online accessibility and availability of short-notice appointments.

Besides patient care at Tokyo Skin Clinic, the two doctors organize periodical health checks for Japanese companies in the Netherlands, required by Japanese labor law and unavailable in the Dutch health care system. They go to the Netherlands three times a year for these health check events held in a Dutch public hospital for a period of five days each time. Related work takes up half of their time spent in Japan, but continued patient care is ensured by efficient use of the internet despite limited opening hours.