It is possible to remove a lipoma (fat tumor) through an incision of just a few milimeters. A special thin cannula with a diameter of only 2-3 mm is inserted into the tumor and the fat is drawn through the cannula by suction. This method is therefore called liposuction.
In Tokyo Skin Clinic we perform liposuction only under local anesthesia making use of the "tumescent" technique: A large amount of highly diluted local anesthetic is injected into the fat layer. This will give a sufficient pain reduction and it also will make the fat "softer" so that it can be removed more easily.
We make use of liposuction syringes instead of a vacuum pump that damages the tissues unnecessarily due to its high suction power.
The above-described "tumescent syringe liposuction" is an office procedure. The patient can go home directly afterwards. There is

no bothersome aftercare. The skin incisions are closed with stitches which have to be removed after 7 days. The treated areas are compressed with bandages for up to 48 hours. After the compression bandages are removed, the use of compression garments is recommended. Bruising is common, but will be visible for only a week or two.
Serious complications are very rare when the liposuction is performed by the method described here. The removal of too much fat can lead to extensive tissue destruction, increasing the risk of infection and bleeding. It can also cause irregularities of the skin surface and dimpling. If the fat removed is insufficient, repeating the same procedure for more effect is possible. Furthermore, even if a limited amount of fat is removed, scar tissue replacing the removed fat gives tightening through contraction.