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cosmetic treatments

We offer expert help in solving cosmetic issues. Common problems we encounter in our practice are: acne, rosacea, moles, brown spots, broken vessels, (acne) scars, and aging signs. Everybody deserves better than to learn to live with them.
Acne, rosacea and other pathological skin conditions, located in exposed areas, are cosmetic problems at the same time. Adequate medical treatment is the highest priority in such cases because cosmetic improvement would not be sustained without it.
Purely cosmetic concerns require a different approach than skin disorders in the absence of medical necessity for treatment. They are not worth major risks nor prolonged downtime. Minimally-invasive procedures are often appreciated, provided that they produce sufficient effect within a reasonable time frame. Some of the more established methods are:
- carbon dioxide laser surgery (removal of unsightly growths and spots including moles, skin resurfacing)
- alexandrite laser hair removal and brown spot treatment
- Nd:YAG laser hair removal and vein treatment
- subcision for depressed facial scars
- Botox and filler injection for lines
- chemical peels for improving oveall skin appearance, etc.
These procedures also add to effective managent of aging, provided by scientifically proven topical rejuvenating products like glycolic acid and tretinoin.

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