tokyo skin clinic

health checks

For the last ten years we have been conducting health checks for Japanese expatriates in the Netherlands in collaboration with a Dutch hospital. We have built up our expertise in disease prevention and health promotion from this experience and additional training to be qualified in occupational medicine and sports medicine. Besides specializing in skin-related health issues, we offer health checks consisting of history, physical exam, blood pressure measurement and blood tests. They cover major organs of the body and are especially useful for early detection of conditions known to be risk factors for cardiovascular diseases, such as dyslipidemia and diabetes. Through laboratory results we can find out a great deal about the impact of your diet and your lifestyle on your health. Urinalysis and EKG are optional. For some common types of cancer there are also relatively simple tests available, for example, fecal occult blood testing for colon cancer, determination of serum-PSA and -pepsinogens for prostate and stomach cancer respectively, and a Pap smear for cervical cancer. Radiological examination is not performed in our clinic, but a referral can be arranged if desired.
If relevant, proper lifestyle advice will be given based on test results. Abnormal findings will be followed by recommendations for repeat testing or (referrals for) further examination and/or treatment.