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list of common procedures



  • carbon dioxide laser surgery
  • The carbon dioxide or CO2 laser is a precise and bloodless surgical instrument used to remove skin tumors and pigment changes, to smooth scars and wrinkles (laser resurfacing), and to eliminate broken vessels (¥50,000~).
  • laser hair removal
  • A speedy and effective way of getting rid of unwanted hair. In our clinic we use two lasers: GentleLASE and GentleYAG. GentleLASE, an alexandrite laser is the golden standard. GentleYAG is a superior laser for dark and tanned skin and for deeply rooted hair (facial hair ¥30,000~; body hair ¥25,000~) .
  • GentleYAG tightening and lifting
  • When used to heat up the deeper layers of the skin GentleYAG stimulates formation of new collagen and tightens up loose skin (¥60,000~) .
  • GentleLASE brown spot treatment
  • Laser energy emitted by GentleLASE is mostly absorbed by melanine (brown pigment) and thus selectively destroys brown spots. It is a quick and simple way to treat a large number of superficially located brown spots (¥30,000~).
  • GentleYAG broken vein treatment
  • A large part of the laser energy of GentleYAG is absorbed by hemoglobin (red pigment present in the blood) and water and treats hemangioma (“cherry spot” or “ruby spot”) and broken vessels effectively (¥30,000~).
  • helium-neon laser treatment
  • The helium-neon laser is a nonsurgical instrument used for acne, eczema, etc. (from ¥10,000)

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  • Botox® treatment
  • Injection of facial muscles to correct expression lines such as forehead creases, frown lines and crows' feet (¥90,000~). Botox injections are also used for hyperhydrosis, or excessive sweating, especially in the armpits (¥180,000).
  • filler injections (hyaluronic acid)
  • A simple way to improve wrinkles and lines is filling them up with a substance such as hyaluronic acid (¥90,000~). Larger amounts are injected for correction of nasolabial folds and for volume augmentation (ex. lips, chin). Fat injection may be necessary if large volumes are required.
  • sclerotherapy
  • The beauty of legs can be undermined by the presence of broken vessels and dilated veins. Sclerotherapy is a safe and effective means to get rid of these vessels. (¥70,000 for a 30 to 40-minute session).
  • mesotherapy
  • Direct injection of active substances into the skin is called mesotherapy. It is a method to treat warts and keloids (¥ 20,000~). The same idea has also been applied to cosmetic skin enhancement, specifically to reduce cellulites and to improve skin tone and texture (¥60,000~)

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  • skin tumor removal
  • Surgical excision of spots and bumps (ex. moles, atheroma, lipoma) for cosmetic purposes and of potentially malignant growths (ex. solar keratosis, basal cell carcinoma) for pathological diagnosis (biopsy) (¥60,000~; pathological exam +¥20,000) . For most facial tumors removal with the carbon dioxide laser often yields better cosmetic results.
  • blepharoplasty
  • Correction of droopy eyelids and bulging lower lids (¥150,000~ per eyelid) and eyelid crease formation (¥70,000~ per eyelid).
  • scar revision
  • Surgical excision of ugly scars followed by precise suturing to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the scar (¥60,000~).
  • other
  • All skin surgery procedures that can be done under local anesthesia are performed at our clinic.

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  • glycolic acid peel
  • Safe chemical peeling with no days out for improvement of skin appearance and rejuvenation, also effective for resistant acne, acne scars, open pores and related conditions. (¥30,000~)
  • liposuction/lipoinjection
  • Removal of unwanted fat by suction with a special thin cannula is called liposuction. It is an excellent method for reducing local fat deposits, body reshaping and for facial contouring. Fat removed by liposuction can be injected into deep skin defects and folds (¥250,000~)
  • thread lift
  • A procedure to lift, tighten and rejuvenate the facial skin by inserting specially designed threads. Both doctors are trained and certified in Italy for the Happy Lift Revitalizing® technique and in Spain for the Silhouetttesoft 3D lifting® technique (¥250,000~) .
  • subcision
  • A technique to raise depressed scars like pitted acne scars by loosening the overlying skin with an injection needle, followed by the injection of non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid (¥70,000~)
  • etc.

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