tokyo skin clinic

tests & diagnosis

Our close collaboration with SRL, a leading laboratory in the world, allows us to perform virtually all tests currently available.
Tests are helpful tools for clinical decision making, for example, microbial cultures to assess the extent of involvement of microbes and determination of IgE antibodies in serum to evaluate allergic tendencies.
Common STDs like HPV and herpes are skin conditions and treated in our clinic. Having an STD increases the chance of having another, so an STD check is strongly recommended (screened for major STDs, i.e. HIV, syphilis, gonorrhea and Chlamydia). We also provide treatment for gonorrhea and Chlamydia.
Tests are also performed for conditions associated with skin manifestations such as hair loss in anemia or hypothyroidism and itch in liver disease or kidney failure. Although skin conditions are rarely based on systemic diseases, some patients can be greatly reassured by normal laboratory findings.
Finally, we offer health checks and lifestyle advice. A basic set of blood tests including CBC, lipids, diabetes, liver function and kidney function, can be expanded on a per-request basis. We treat a person, not a condition. General health is an essential aspect of any medical intervention, and even more so for management of aging.

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